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Thursday, August 25, 2011 Review

We have our first real "review" (outside of our parents) and it is really cool! had this to say about our 2009 Syrah-Tempranillo:

This unique red from two young winemakers with the label God, King Slave.
  Create like a GOD.
Command like a KING.Work like a SLAVE.- Constantin Brancusi
You should let this young wine breath a moment before going at it.  A light ruby color, lower alcohol red half Syrah and half Tempranillo is elegant and refined.  The nose has a touch of barnyard, subtle black fruit, spicy green pepper, a touch of leather and black pepper.  The mouth feel is full with a sweet fruit and a subtle tannin.  This mayl improve even more over the next year or two but is satisfying and hits the palate just right now.  We had this today at 38 Central, our WINE central on Tuesdays for sup and sip.

Score: 89 
Cost: $ 28


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