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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Partnership with Oregon Wine Sales

The morning after the 22 hour travel day back from Barcelona, I woke up to a email seeing if we were interested in northern Oregon distribution.

I turn to Chris and said, "Are we?"

We hadn't made it that far in our business plan or goals, yet. Should I be admitting that?

But, you can never plan when opportunities come knocking.

So, I replied, "Sure, we'd be interested in hearing your proposal. Why don't we plan to meet in the next month or two when we are back in Portland."

But, as luck had it, Tim from Oregon Wine Sales was headed to our side of town and encouraged a meeting within the hour. I was willing to throw back on plane clothes and tease my hair so it look purposefully messy, although it was quite the opposite. Why not?

First impression of Tim, he is a go-getter. He has band together with two other industry alum and is putting together a portfolio of brands that we are honored to be on the same page as. I mean seriously, look here!

So, we are excited to announce our partnership with Oregon Wine Sales. We have committed some of our last remaining cases of our 2009 Syrah - Tempranillo to the crew and have confidence they will help us share our wine with many more people. Stay tuned...


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